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Neil Seligman

Neil Seligman grew up in Waltham St Lawrence, a small village in the countryside of rural Berkshire. As the son of a commercial airline pilot and stewardess, foreign adventure was in his blood. It was on far-flung travels with his family that he discovered the joy and magic of capturing glimpses of life with his first Kodak 200 camera, a present from his Grandmother.

Neil’s early work focused on travel documentation in locations such as North America, Kiribati, Fiji, St. Vincent and Zanzibar. Later, as his interest in spirituality meditation and presence evolved, Neil’s focus turned to capturing meditative landscapes and cloudscapes in the UK, Switzerland, Austria and Canada. His ‘Dynamics of Presence‚ project continues to this day as a visual exploration of the reciprocity between mindfulness and environment.

From 2008–10 Neil collaborated with the artist Stephen Morallee in a variety of mediums and forms including performance, movement work, light-drawing and portrait photography.

Neil’s Soul Portrait Process evolved in 2011 out of this collaboration and continues to grow through his own experimentation and exploration.

In 2015 Neil won representation in the USA with PHOTO Gallery Oakland following a commission by Google and the Wisdom 2.0 Conference, with exhibitions of ‘Souls of Wisdom’ in Dublin, Ireland, San Francisco and Oakland.

Beyond his art, Neil is an Author, Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Huffington Post Blogger and Founder of The Conscious Professional, a consultancy offering mindful education to corporate clients.

Artist Statement

“The physical body can be thought of as a mask which holds our aesthetic identity but shields deeper truths. Through exploration I have developed a technique combining meditation, movement and digital-photography which allows a glimpse beyond the mask, to the essence. There, I find authenticity, mystery and profound beauty.  I consider it an honour to witness my subjects in this way.”  Neil Seligman