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There is a space between stillness and movement where the dance lives. I try to photograph it.

The flow of this dance is the life of your soul. It is the expression of your consciousness before it is filtered by your mind, baffled by your thoughts and muddled in the tightness of your body. In this initial flow, you know the joy of freedom, you are the very spark of creation, you revel in the delicious delight of the new. Here, you have no opinions, no judgments, no preconceptions, no language. The purity of this expression is exquisite. Yet how often do we tap into it? How many of us can say we live from it? How might we even try?

These are the questions that have always fascinated me as an artist. I want to know what happens when we explore portraiture from the conscious perspective? What happens when we combine meditation with photography?

I call my work Soul Portraits not because I have discovered a way to take a picture of your soul but because I am engaged, engrossed and captivated by the process of capturing you in your purest soul expression. I have no interest in seeing you pout. You will not need a makeup brush or a hair stylist. Just arrive at the studio with an open mind, close your eyes, lie down and lets just listen for a while. Typically I take no pictures for at least the first 20 minutes. The work here is simply about meditative connection. Listening. Calling Forward. Making myself fully available to witness.